What A Wonderful World

DSC_0208“I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.” Tonight as we were finishing our last evening together this song played overhead. I couldn’t help but reflect back on the week and think how very fitting it was to end our vacation adventure!

This week we set out to “catch a wave to mayorvisit (1)adventure” and that’s exactly what we did. Today actually, it was more like a “whirlwind” of adventure! The day began with three ladies who dreamed of parasailing. These ladies couldn’t wait to board the boat to go out into the ocean and get up into the air!  Once in the air, Ms Nina proclaimed about how high up she was and how beautiful it was up there. She said she felt “free as a bird”! As a matter of PCB 110fact, she loved it so much, she did it twice!

Another group spent the morning shopping for souvenirs to take back to their friends and families! The very best part of vacation is always looking for the perfect souvenir to take back home.  They also enjoyed touring around the Panama City Beach area and had a great lunch at Sharky’s on the beach!

We  had many that enjoyed free time on the PCB 115beach and around the pool today. The Elders loved  getting into the ocean, riding the rafts and spending time basking in the sun. Kenneth shared with us how excited he was to be sitting on the beach resting as he never thought he would be able to do things like this!

This afternoon Mayor Oberst of Panama City Beach greeted all of the Elders at the resort. She welcomed them to the city and shared a PCB 146brief history of the local area. Everyone was delighted about meeting and spending time with her this afternoon.

The day ended with a sunset dinner cruise on the Betsy Ann Riverboat. The cruise took us out into St Andrews Bay and we even spotted a few dolphins on the way. We had such a wonderful time sharing memories from our week together. The Elders reflected back on how much they had experienced and it wasn’t PCB 165long before the tears started flowing! One Elder threw her arms up and declared “this is heaven”.  Another lady shared how she had made so many new friends on this journey.

This week has indeed been an adventure. I must agree with Nina, it really is a little piece of heaven. Even after eight vacations, I still squeal with delight and enjoy spending this time with our Signature family.  So tonight as this vacation comes to a close, I leave you with the last verse to the song that made us reflect so heavily.

groupphoto“The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky. Are also on the faces of people passing by. I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do. But they’re really saying, I love you. “


4 thoughts on “What A Wonderful World

  1. Carol Harrison

    Sounds & looks like the team & Elders had a great vacation!! Thanks Angie & team for all you do to bring joy and Quality of Life to our Elders!!

  2. Barbie Neely

    I have enjoyed viewing photos of the trip and reading the stories that have been shared. Having worked over 21 years in a long term care facility I know the challenges you face daily. However, to see such emphasis placed on the elders having a good time is astounding. You all are truly inspiring and are definitely beginning to start a revolution of change. It’s truly not the amount of time you have in life but the quality of that life. Kudos to you all.

  3. Norman Haley

    It looks like everyone had a wonderful time! Thanks to all of our stakeholders that participated and to the elders who had this adventure!

  4. George Burkley

    Thanks for sharing pics and stories Angie – after what I am sure are very fulfilling, but very tiring days and nights. The pictures are terrific and convey such emotion and joy by many of the folks.

    This is very inspiring to all of us.

    THANK YOU to the SHC team who is so dedicated and work so hard on these trips – for these PEOPLE.


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