Signature HealthCARE Celebrates National Skilled Nursing Care Week

Stories from Across Signature’s Revolution

Louisville, Ky. – May 18, 2018 – Marking National Skilled Nursing Care Week (NSNCW), formerly known as National Nursing Home Week, Signature HealthCARE locations are celebrating the life stories of residents, stakeholders and families. Retelling memories of youth, holidays, careers, farms and bedtime stories, Quality of Life teams across Signature

“It is an honor and privilege to serve our elders and residents each and every day,” Joe Steier, Signature HealthCARE CEO and President, said. “Our industry serves an essential role in every local community, and Signature stakeholders serve thousands of people each day with purpose-driven hearts.”

Established by the American Health Care Association (AHCA) in 1967, NSNCW, formerly known as National Nursing Home Week, provides an opportunity for residents and their loved ones, staff, volunteers, and surrounding communities to acknowledge the role of skilled nursing care centers in caring for America’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. With over 13,000 residents in a single year served by Signature HealthCARE, Quality of Life teams cherish collecting their stories in celebration of National Skilled Nursing Care Week. See stories from across the revolution below.


Stakeholders at Signature HealthCARE at Jefferson Place in costume for Crazy Hair Day.

Morgantown Care and Rehabilitation Center’s Plant Operations Department shared stories and how to tips of construction with elders.

Prestonsburg Care and Rehabilitation Center traveled back in time to the ‘50’s for National Skilled Nursing Care Week.

Signature HealthCARE at Hillcrest stakeholders and residents embraced childhood fun with their carnival theme.

Signature HealthCARE of Coshocton stakeholders and residents gathered around for campfire stories.

Signature HealthCARE at Tower Road Thanks Senator Rhett

Event Celebrates $15 increase in monthly allowance signed by Georgia’s Gov. Deal

Marietta, Ga – May 17, 2018 – Nursing home residents at Signature HealthCARE of Tower Road presented state Senator Michael “Doc” Rhett with a plaque of appreciation today at an event celebrating the state’s approval increasing the personal needs allowance (PNA). Recently signed into law by Governor Deal, $15 increase in the state’s monthly personal needs allowance benefits Medicaid nursing home residents, who have often exhausted other financial resources.

“At Signature HealthCARE, we have held dialogue and conversations with legislators for years showing that the dollar amount residents receive does not begin to cover basic costs. It is a win across the state and industry for Georgia state legislators to prioritize the needs of nursing home residents increasing the monthly personal needs allowance,” Kathy Gallin, Signature HealthCARE’s Director of Legislative Affairs.

“Our residents were once the voice, parent, or caregiver for others, and now it’s our turn to serve them,” Loretta Barnes, Signature HealthCARE Administrator, said. “Today we are celebrating the PNA increase because of lawmakers like Senator Rhett and Senator Renee Unterman.”

The personal needs allowance benefits nursing home residents on Medicaid and provides for items like clothing, shoes, telephone expenses, cards to send to family, reading materials, brushes, lotion, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, a haircut and other daily items that one typically does not think twice about.

State legislatures in both Georgia and Florida have passed increases in the personal needs allowance because of Signature HealthCARE’s advocacy.

Signature HealthCARE Awarded International Eden Champion Award

Industry Culture Change Organization Recognizes Signature for Pioneering Culture Change

Louisville, Ky. – May 8, 2018 – International culture change organization Eden Alternative Registry recognized Signature HealthCARE for blazing the trail in culture change and leading the industry. At its annual conference in Atlanta the Eden Registry presented Signature HealthCARE and Angie McAllister with the 2017 Eden Champion Award.

“We made a choice at the beginning of our culture change journey to put our residents and stakeholders first and to hold true to each of our sacred six values,” Joe Steier, Signature HealthCARE CEO and President, said. “Not only are we leading the industry in culture change, we are transcending expectations for the residents and families we serve each day.”

Since beginning the journey of culture change, Signature has traveled on vacation with over 1,000 residents, trained many leaders as Eden mentors and over 50 Signature locations have earned accreditation and their name to the Eden Alternative Registry, the national list of certified culture change nursing homes.

“It’s such an honor to win an Eden Champion award for pioneering person-directed care. Throughout this journey, I have personally seen passionate, caring stakeholders make a difference in the lives of our elders,” Angie McAllister, Director of Cultural Transformation, said.

The Eden Champion award recognizes individuals and organizations for ongoing advocacy and growth of the culture changing Eden Alternative philosophy. The honor is awarded every two years to an organization or individual from across the world. Angie McAllister, Signature’s Director of Cultural Transformation, received the Nancy Fox Leadership Award in 2016.

15 International Nurses Join Signature’s Revolution

Signature expands its recruiting boundaries internationally to meet increasing needs

Louisville, Ky. – May 7, 2018 – Signature HealthCARE’s revolution has added 15 foreign trained registered nurses making the journey across the world to join the company’s revolution and more nurses plan to arrive later this year. Leading the charge in recruiting talent internationally is Signature’s Linda Howe, who with over 20 years of industry experience knows the soft skills it takes to succeed in healthcare.

“We appreciate our international nurses with their trust, dedication, and perseverance in patiently achieving their life time goal of a life in USA.  Many have overcome a 7-year process to attain that goal,” Linda Howe, Vice President of International Recruitment, said. Howe recently enjoyed lunch with the nurses and their families in Louisville, Kentucky.

The long-term care industry is projected to need four million new workers by 2050, according to the American Health Care Association. Signature is crossing borders and boundaries to add talented caregivers to its revolution.

“Signature sincerely appreciates them and their families for always believing in us.  They are all a great attribute to the profession, and we are so glad they chose Signature.  Their clinical skills, kind hearts, and willingness to learn a new culture is admirable. We want to extend a very special thank you to our international RNs,” Linda Howe, Vice President of International Recruitment, said.

Unity Takes Center Stage at National Day of Prayer Celebration

U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth Speaks on Harmony Locally and Nationally

Louisville, Ky. – May 3, 2018 –  U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, Signature HealthCARE CEO Joe Steier, local interfaith leaders and nursing home residents will join hands promoting unity at the National Day of Prayer celebration. Unity takes center stage at the event promoting each person’s power for good in our local, state and national communities, despite polarizing national politics and change.

“We are stronger together as a company, as a community and as a state when we are unified under the common goal of bettering each other,” said Joe Steier, President and CEO of Signature HealthCARE. “All eyes are looking to the common goals in our future on National Day of Prayer. This unifying celebration has never been more needed.”

Diverse religious leaders, Signature leaders, and state dignitaries, who attended the event to foster unity include:

Keynote Speaker: Representative John Yarmuth

Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, Archdiocese of Louisville

Rabbi Joseph Rapport

Dr. Muhammad Babar, President of Muslim Americans for Compassion

Nancy Tinnell, Middletown United Methodist Church

Jeremiah Cunningham, Vice President Salt Creek Unity Center

Signature HealthCARE CEO Joe Steier

The annual National Day of Prayer event, which began at Signature HealthCARE in 2012, strives to unites individuals under the common theme of doing good and uplifting each other.

Signature HealthCARE Celebrates 20th Elder Vacation in Disney World

Living Fully in Long-Term Care

Louisville, Ky. – April 23, 2018 – Some had never before touched beach sand, heard the ocean waves or left their home state until going on vacation with Signature HealthCARE. It’s all part of Signature’s culture change movement in rethinking expectations and reimagining life in nursing homes. When Signature HealthCARE residents vacation in Disney World this week, it is the 20th time since 2011 nursing home residents have adventured to new places.

“Why not take nursing home residents on vacation? Too often nursing homes are seen as the places where we stop living, but we believe there’s vibrant, full lives at a nursing home,” said Angie McAllister, Director of Cultural Transformation at Signature HealthCARE and International Board Member of the Eden Alternative Registry.

This week 24 Signature HealthCARE residents from three states are visiting Disney World’s Epcot and Magic Kingdom. Signature HealthCARE locations fundraise year-round to send residents on an elder vacation. From raffles to silent auctions and potluck benefits, fundraising for elder vacations is a community-wide effort.

“Even in the highly regulated industry of healthcare, it’s possible to make dreams come true beyond the physical boundaries of our locations and all the way to the Magic Kingdom, McAllister said.

The dreams that have become reality since Signature started its culture change journey in 2011 only continue growing. Since then, over 1,000 nursing home residents have vacationed with Signature traveling to destinations across the country: Disney, Boston, Panama City Beach, Washington D.C., Gatlinburg, San Antonio, and Branson.

This week’s destination at Magic Kingdom represents Signature’s commitment to continue reinventing expectations in long-term care and reinfusing dreams to nursing home residents. It is the 5th time Disney World is the destination for Signature nursing home residents on vacation.

Latest CEO DON School Inspires, Educates & Empowers Signature Leaders

Working with Purpose in Long-Term Care

Louisville, Ky. – April 20, 2018 – Over a dozen Signature HealthCARE leaders are convening at the company’s home office in Louisville, Ky this week for CEO DON School. It’s an intense week of learning outside of the daily whirlwind entrenching leaders into the company culture and industry issues.

“To learn in a hub of other leaders across so many different departments engages our nursing home administrators to be CEOs with fine-tuned knowledge and resources they need to brave this ever-evolving industry,” Mary McNevin, Chief Learning Officer at Signature HealthCARE, said. “We take away the chain of command and build collaboration, and the payoff is always big.”

From action-based and peer-to-peer learning to real world simulations and minute data, Signature’s CEO DON School instills leaders with a powerful toolbox of resources. The week-long training school embodies Signature’s guiding principle committing to lifelong learning for all stakeholders.

“The journey of learning never stops. The leaders in CEO DON School this week will take their experiences back to their teams inspiring others.”

In a changing industry and regulatory environment, Signature leaders can’t predict the future, but they can learn to prepare. And learning is contagious.

Signature’s Spring Break Day Takes Residents on Adventures

Living Fully in Long-Term Care

Louisville, Ky. – April 19, 2018 – At Signature HealthCARE we believe adventures happen at every age and every ability, which is why each year our residents and elders spend Spring Break Day simply having fun. The day is completely outside of the normal routine and schedule empowering our residents to have new adventures, experiences and dreams at any age. Signature’s Spring Break Day reflects our guiding principle committing to be a national leader in quality of life for nursing home residents.

Signature HealthCARE at North Hardin, Signature HealthCARE of Elizabethtown and Bluegrass Care and Rehabilitation residents traveled to a Kentucky staple spending the day at Keeneland. Several residents even walked away from the betting windows as winners.

Signature HealthCARE of Bowling Green, Signature HealthCARE of Madison and Nashville Community Care & Rehabilitation Center at Bordeaux enjoyed a favorite pastime fishing at a local park.

Signature HealthCARE of Heritage Hall elders and stakeholders enjoyed a community cookout.

Oakview Nursing and Rehabilitation’s “Gilligan’s Island” themed party brought residents to a tropical place with vibrant music and colorful favors in Marshall County, Kentucky.

Prestonsburg Health Care Center celebrated Spring Break Day with a community cookout with residents, families and stakeholders.

Signature HealthCARE Residents Go to Washington D.C.

Living Fully in Long-Term Care

Louisville, Ky. – March 27, 2018 – Residents and stakeholders from three states and 13 Signature HealthCARE locations traveled to Washington D.C. on Sunday for an American adventure in the Capitol. The 63 Signature elders and stakeholders took in the sights of the changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery, a tour of the Capitol building, Lincoln Memorial, Mount Vernon, and other sights of the National Mall.

“The D.C. monuments and museums symbolically show that our country is built by many of us. Our elders were teachers, nurses, pastors, volunteers, and parents, who contributed vibrantly to their neighborhoods, community, and country,” Angie McAllister, Director of Culture Change at Signature HealthCARE, said. “Seeing our elders take in the history and sights at our nation’s capital remind everyone that there is much more life to live at nursing homes.”

The group celebrated one elder’s birthday while in Washington.  Ms. Shirley from Signature HealthCARE of Rogersville celebrated her birthday during a family-style dinner in downtown D.C.

Signature HealthCARE first took elders and stakeholders on vacation to Disney World in 2010. Since then, hundreds of Signature elders and stakeholders have traveled together breaking the mold in the long-term care industry.

Signature HealthCARE Executives and Leaders Achieve CNA Certification

Signature Leaders Lead Industry Becoming Certified Nursing Assistants

Home office stakeholders earn CNA certification.

Louisville, Ky. – March 7, 2018 – In 2011, executives at Signature HealthCARE were the first in the nation to become Certified Nursing Assistants. Now, the movement’s momentum grows with six Signature leaders earning their certification in January 2018 and gaining a firsthand perspective into the frontlines of care.

Certified Nursing Assistants are the backbone of Signature’s mission making up the largest single group of stakeholders. Signature was the first in the industry to turn hierarchy on its head and empower executives and home office leaders to complete the Long-Term Care Nursing Assistant Certification program.

On the other side of their training, the group emerged with a profound appreciation for CNAs and the skill, heart and dedication demanded in daily tasks, outside of the office environment in health administration.

“It was one of the most important and rewarding experiences I have had as a health care professional. Anyone who works in an administrative role in health care should become a CNA,” Betsy Wade, Signature’s Chief Compliance Officer, said.

The road to earning state certification began in November when stakeholders started studying online through Kentucky Community and Technical College System in Maysville, Kentucky.

After spending days in intensive labs and clinical training at Signature HealthCARE of South Louisville, the group reflected on the day and tried to summarize it one word. “All I could muster was tears. For me, a single word could not adequately summarize the experience. The words that came to mind were humbled, service, compassion, and gratitude. I was able to see firsthand how hard our CNAs work and how important their jobs are. They are our front line,” Betsy Wade, said.

With baby boomers aging, life expectancy growing, and hospitals releasing patients to skilled-nursing or short-term rehabilitation, the need for Certified Nursing Assistants will continue to grow. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2026 the need for nursing assistants will grow by 11 percent, faster than the average growth rate for most other occupations.

The roster of Signature stakeholders for this CNA class included: Michael Muldoon, Administrator-in-Training, Jason Armstrong, Administrator, Betsy Wade, Chief Compliance Officer, Sarah Hamilton, Director of Talent Acquisition/ University Relations, Hillary Bayens, Talent Sourcing Specialist, and Jermaine Edwards, Director of Talent Acquisition.