A look back: Signature goes to Myrtle Beach

Last fall, about 100 residents and caregivers from 22 homes in Signature HealthCARE’s Rural Segment embarked on a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with one thing in mind: the adventure of a lifetime.

For more about the trip, check out the YouTube video below. (Video courtesy of Signature’s Yohan Park.)

5 thoughts on “A look back: Signature goes to Myrtle Beach

  1. George Burkley

    Everytime I view photos or the video of this special event I get energized and really appreciative of the Signature folks who are working so hard to serve our residents. Really awesome and special. Thanks so much.

  2. Randy Keene

    That is truly wonderful. A huge thank you to all those who were a part of putting the adventure together. The planning and organizing must have been a tremendous level of heart and effort. Caring for those unable to care for themselves takes a very special kind of person and you all have much to be proud of.

  3. Debbie

    This was such a wonderful trip with the elders. I think about how they were like two kids in a toy store when we went shopping. I called my husband and said this has made the trip worth everything. It was money well spent.


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