Signature HealthCARE Welcomes Foreign Trained Nurses and Physical Therapists

Signature expands its recruiting boundaries internationally to meet increasing needs

Louisville, Ky. – August 30, 2017 –  When Joyce Matara first found out about the chance to work as a nurse with Signature HealthCARE, she thought, “Why not grab the opportunity!” She is the first of several foreign trained registered nurses and physical therapists making the journey across the world to join Signature HealthCARE’s revolution.

For Signature HealthCARE, Joyce and other nurses and physical therapists have the knowledge and skills required to fill a need that is industry wide. The long-term care industry is projected to need four million new workers by 2050, according to the American Health Care Association.

Linda Howe, Vice President of International Recruitment, sees this gap and goes beyond normal boundaries of creative solutions. With over 20 years of industry experience, Linda knows what it takes to be a caregiver with Signature HealthCARE. More than their hard skills and medical training, Joyce and others have strong sense of perseverance and unique communication skills that are ingredients for success in long-term care.

Ma Edessa Gejon Reyes is the second registered nurse to arrive at Signature HealthCARE from the Philippines. After beginning to settle in a foreign land, she reflects on the journey and said, “I’m looking forward to many more years working for this company and sharing good memories together.”

Joyce Matara is the first foreign-trained nurse to join the Signature HealthCARE revolution.

In the Philippines, Joyce worked in one of the biggest hospitals in Manila. “Every race, religion and type of person was a patient, and I gave everyone the care that they deserve.”

The journey for Joyce, Ma Edessa and others, also comes with separation from their friends and family in the Philippines; however, the Signature HealthCARE family is thrilled to welcome them to their new home.

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