“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 15:57

I have basketball on the brain this time of year. After each game, I watch a team walk off the court in defeat. I know then there is a high possibility certain players might get chewed out by their coach in the locker room. Those players may begin to feel isolated and crushed in spirit. They may have been made to feel as if their performance wasn’t good enough to be a part of the starting five at the next upcoming game. Some coaches feel as if you have to earn playing time, or even the right to wear a team jersey if their performance doesn’t meet his standards. Thankfully, most everyone realizes in the end, it’s only a game. Hopefully, through every win or loss, character along with team building skills are being taught, and the players walk away with a type of determination that will help them plow through daily life’s grind.

 Aren’t you thankful that God doesn’t require us to earn our status? His gift is free. We do however, need to learn what it means to be part of a team and who is leading us. We need to understand that when one team member has fallen down, we go over to lift them up. But the single most important coach’s speech we need to remember is that in the game we are playing the battle has already been won!

Stop fighting for a position. Stop letting someone steal your joy. Stop allowing outside forces make you feel as if you aren’t part of God’s team, and that you have to earn HIS love and acceptance.

Have a Freeing Friday and may God fight your battles! GO-FIGHT-WIN! ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL!


Melanie Kern



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