Miracle Report

Julie Mclure(Oakview)
This week I met Mrs. W. I knew a little of her story before she arrived, but to see her hopelessness and despair in person tore at my heart. A quiet woman, she was obviously deeply troubled.

I spoke with her casually a few times before I began her Initial Assessment. When the right time arrived I invited her to sit with me, drink a soda, and talk. First, I told her some of my story. After a while I told her that I was going to be quiet now and let her talk. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes, then, with deep emotion, she told me that God was healing her but the devil took away her healing. She was defeated in demeanor and expressed that her life was now hopeless. She went on to tell me that the reason that the devil won in her life was that she had taken some drugs, more than once.

After asking her permission, we talked about forgiveness and God’s power and the victory that we have over sin. I stressed that she was not lost to God, and, that as a believer her life was not in the control of the devil.
We spent an hour or more together. When she left my office her whole demeanor was different. She no longer looked stressed and worried, and her face still reflects quiet joy. I expect that she will continue to need prayer and encouragement, but it was meaningful to sit together, to know that our heavenly Father was here with us, that Holy Spirit was guiding our conversation.

I praise God that He cares about people who think they are lost and hopeless, that He restores confidence and hope, that He includes us as He ministers. When I see God work in a person’s life, it strengthens my faith and joy. I praise God for the wonder of His ways.

Melinda Bilbrey(Putnam) on Wednesday 4/5/17 severe storms were predicted for our area. We prayed in morning meeting and took authority over the storms. Wednesday afternoon the tornado sirens stated and the TV weather indicated that the rotation was above Dry Valley Road (the street Signature Putnam is on). About 10 minutes later the sun broke through the clouds, and we experienced no severe weather–only some thunder and heavy rain! Praise God!

Kim Massey(RSD-Pennisula/Southern Pines) As I left the morning meeting today, I was approached by a CNA, she said “I just wanted you to know that I am so glad that you are here, the only reason I chose to work for this company is because I was told that they have a pastor in every building…some places I have worked won’t even let me wear my cross earrings because they said it may offend somebody but here they have a pastor” She went on to share her journey with me and her almost 1 year tenure. Certainly, I commissioned her as one of our prayer warriors!
Pastor Kimberly Massey, BACM
Regional Spiritual Director
Cell: (502)475-6293

Dennis Moreno(Port Charlotte) Mr. M’s family asked me to keep bringing him to Bible Study as they can see the Holy Spirit talks to him there. He will tell them things that he should not have heard due to severe hearing problem but he says he heard it. They are very happy with that.