Miracle Report

03/24/2017 Bordeaux Darwyn (Laws) Rushing A resident who is a DNR died and came back with no efforts from staff other than prayer. She was smiling and singing hymns today.

03/23/2017 Buckhead Nancy Penton One of our rehab patients who started out very hopeless and dejected is returning home happy and peaceful with successful rehab and emotional healing.

03/06/2017 ClintonCounty Micheal Cooper An Elder moved from our facility to one closer to her home and family. She will be missed because of her loving heart and positive attitude. Though she struggles with her health, she did not struggle with being in our home. She stated she enjoyed every minute of it. She demonstrated the gain from “godliness and contentment”. She loved the religious programs, but she also actively participated in non-religious ones. She modeled the power and resourcefulness of faith, hope and love.

03/10/2017 Courtyard William Mayo Prayed with elder with shortness of breath on Monday morning. His wife stated after we prayed, he was able to go to therapy without shortness of breath for the first time. We will be praying prior to his therapy sessions each morning of the week!

03/25/2017 Hartford Karla Humphrey I have been visiting with an elder for weeks and he doesn’t smile much and is very depressed. Weve been spending some time together and last week he let me pray with him, but this Wednesday as I walking down the hall, I saw him coming down the hall in a wheelchair with his OT and I started waving at him and he started to smile at me and waved at me. My heart beamed. miracles are starting to happen in this man’s heart. Baby steps, but not giving up!!! God has a plan for him.

03/09/2017 Liberty Dominic Gordon Tonight was a very precious time for me. Six months ago, I prayed with a gentleman to receive Christ and tonight he passed out of this life and was ushered into the presence of God. He was 84 years old. That is a miracle.

03/25/2017 Riverside Karla Humphrey There was an elder that there was something that when I came by her she froze up with me. I always walk by and wave, she’d acknowledge me, but nothing else. On Thursday, during our regular choir practice, this lady was off to the side, but she started singing the old rugged cross chorus. I walked over to her and started singing with her very low, she held my hand. after we finished I turned back to the choir and said let’s sing How Great Though Art. I started singing, she grabbed my hand and she looked into my eyes and started singing with me…she and I bonded with song and the power of God’s words. It was a miracle in my heart. Plus the rest of the choir practice turned into a church service. I had an elder’s husband who I’d never heard speak in 2 months come up and ask if he could sing, there was praising and worshiping…it was just day of beautiful miracles. I get teary eyed writing this.

03/24/2017 SouthBend Anietie Ikene A state representative made the decision to bring his dad to our facility because of our spirituality pillar. He was NDOP guest speaker last year. Another family felt she was led to us because of our spirituality pillar and a space to pray freely. Praise God.

03/10/2017 TowerRoad Robert White Since, I have been here at Signature Health Care on Tower Road, I have seen God do some amazing things. Two incidents that occurred this week stand out to me. When I arrived at work on Monday. As usual, I greet everyone in the hallway as I make my way to the my office. Anyway on this particular day something was different. All I could hear is some yelling. Without hesitation, I responded to the need. After putting my bag into the office, I made my way to the front lobby. As I turned the corner to the lobby, I saw a resident an a nurse at the front door. To make a long story short, I assisted the nurse by talking to the resident. Within minutes the patient was calm an peaceful. The miracle in this story centers on by able to provide a calm environment for the resident as well as the nurse. The next miracle story, I would like to share deals with a resident who stays in her room not by choice, but due to her medical condition. Anyway, I normally visit this resident and sing with her. One day as I was visiting other residents in the facility. I was shocked when I saw this female resident that I sing to was sitting outside in the hallway. She informed me that she had lunch with the other residents. This brought joy to my heart. I am so thankful for both of these miracle stories.