Programming Ideas

Kenilworth Care and Rehab Center residents and staff join in for the 2nd year on our communities 66th Annual National Day of Prayer Ceremony held at Sebring Communities Courthouse . Our very own Gary Hermoso was a part of thr ceremony by singing the Lords Prayer.
Luis Rodriguez,ADPC,AP-BC,CNA
Quality of Life Program Director
30ll Kenilworth Blvd
Sebring Florida,33870
* For urban and Post-Acute buildings who were once in Hometown
At Coshocton we “converted” our Culture tree that is at the entrance of our facility to a “Prayer Tree.” I asked the residents and stakeholders what were prayer requests that they had and we will lift them up on Thursday during our prayer service.
Pastor Mark E. Brodbeck

Consistent Assignment:
 Benefits of the Music & Memory program are increased with consistent assignment. It also helps to sustain the need and reinforce consistent assignment.
Meeting New CMS Standards of Care (offsetting DOH F-Tag Deficiencies)
 Comprehensive Assessment: Meets requirements for personal preferences
 Assessment: May avoid entire section if no distress issues
 Care Planning Strategies: Addresses person-centered care at its best
 Treatment: Focusing on non-pharm approaches
 Monitoring: One of the easiest approaches to monitor (instant results)
M&M is a Quality Assurance Program that:
 transforms the entire care facility
 helps individuals age in place by supporting brain stimulation
 increases participation in activities, speech therapy, OT and PT
 enhances treatment outcomes and quality of life
 encourages a more congenial and social environment
Professional care staff say they use the program strategically as a tool to:
 achieve specific outcomes
 reduce antipsychotic, antianxiety, antidepressant and pain medications
 curb agitated behaviors
 reduce falls
 stimulate the swallowing mechanism and decrease episodes of choking and choking behaviors
 save time and increase staff efficiency in the delivery of ADL’s
 make their job easier and more rewarding
 build trust and enhance resident, family and care staff relations
 help support census
 boost morale, team building and opportunity for fulfillment of purpose

When you participate in a Relay For Life event, you become a vital part of the American Cancer Society: a volunteer. You are now part of an organization of 3.5 million survivors, patients, advocates, volunteers, caregivers, and researchers doing everything within our power to save lives. By selflessly devoting your time and energy through raising awareness and money, you become the voice of the American Cancer Society in your community. It’s a big job. And its not one that we take for granted. Chautauqua Street Rats fulfilled our personal goal to save lives and celebrate life. Every day.

Spring City thank the youth from New Union Baptist Church for coming and brightening the day for our residents and helping spruce the place up a bit.