Two Things are True

“Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.” Exodus 4:12

Two things are true.
If you ever climb into the Administrator Marie Griffin’s sedan for a lift to a Signature meeting, first of all you get a cake donut, and secondly you are a captive to her leadership tapes.
The tapes are really good, inspiring one to great leadership; the donut, well, it may have been a day old.
And I have found one more thing that is true about leadership.
There is a little, utilized Leader who can show us the way through added responsibilities, negativity, and increasing demands at work. Lately, I have been talking to Jesus long and hard about people and changes at work, and what have I found?
Well, work progresses more smoothly. Added work tasks aren’t onerous; they even turn out to be joys. And the compliments, my lands O’ Goshen, are coming out of the woodwork. Dragon-like enemies shrink to Teddy bears. And what’s more, I can’t wait to get to work to mix it up with friends, knowing that the Cosmic CEO has my back and is pulling all the strings in my favor, sans doughnut.

Larry Limbaugh
Winter Park Care & Rehabilitation Center

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