Showing Compassion
I look at the people who walk past my office door and my, what a cavalcade.
Some walk, some roll, others fast walk, while still others look like that they have nowhere to go in particular.
And I think about them. Yesterday, I asked this question to a group of about seven residents, “Are you at peace?” Four answered in the affirmative. Two said “No”. One napped.
I wonder what is in their lives, deep in their heart that they carry around from day to day, year to year, even decade to decade and I wonder what if anything I can do about their pain and mine. Probably nothing other than to just show up and continue to be an ordinary.
For we don’t need superstar ministers as much as we need someone that sees us from day to day and still cares enough to show up and accept us as normal, as part of the group. For the worst thing is to be left out. And God shows up with us every day and includes us and our secret pain in His routine. He is one of us, part of the group, one of the souls that walks by my office every day.
Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain
Winter Park Care & Rehabilitation Center
2970 Scarlet Road
Winter Park, FL 32792
(407) 671-8030

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