Is God present in the distraction – Patience – Compassion

Let nothing go by without being open to being nourished by the inner meaning of that life event. Joan Chittister

Recently I was able to watch as a couple members of the learning pillar provided training on presentation/facilitation skills. As part of the training each participant was given assigned material. The participant had to use their new skills to engage the rest of the group as they presented the material to them.

Everyone practiced their material and was so ready, but needless did anyone know that that the learning team had handed out cards to various people in the group to be a planted distraction trying to disrupt their presentation. The objective was to test the participant to see how they would handle the distraction using the new skills they learned. It was interesting watching how the participants handled the disruptor.

• Some used humor to engage and reign them in.
• Some used subtle quiet techniques to gently nudge the disruptor back on course
• Others just got mad!
Isn’t that the journey of life?

I feel like I’ve gotten better at not letting life’s unexpected turns derail my search for God’s plan. Like the presenters, I’ve been practicing ready to present and show God how I’m doing. For example recently stopped on the interstate because of an accident; I was so proud of the way I calmly put the situation in perspective; I may be delayed but someone else is going through something tragic.

Then later that night God gave my wife a distraction card. When I was getting ready for bed my wife asks me to review something with her. Yes I did it and I know my irritated tone was the root cause of the way the evening ended.

Come on God are you really going to plant distraction cards everywhere? Do I really have to be your presence in every single area of my live, even when I’m tired and ready for bed? If so I have a long way to go before I’m ready to present; can I practice some more?
Oh God give me wisdom and patience to see all the training opportunities that are in all of life’s events. Thank you God for not giving up, but constantly nudging me to take the nourishment that comes in life’s big and little distraction cards.

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