Being Engaged

Matthew 15:8 -Jesus said, “This people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” 

There is a program on television, I’m not sure its real title or what station it is on, that focuses on individuals lip syncing songs. Their mouths move to the words, but they are not really singing it. Where I come from, we used to call that “lip service.” Lip service, from what I recall, was those who mouthed the words that they were going to do something, but never really did a thing.

Does anyone, other than me, see “lip service” happening a lot in our world today? “I’ll help out,” yet you never see that individual present. “I’ll make sure that such and such is done,” yet when you go back to see if something is accomplished, it isn’t yet. “I think this needs to be done,” yet that individual is willing to give their opinion but does nothing to change.   

Jesus, I think, in our text today shares his views about “lip service.” HE DOESN’T LIKE IT! At Signature we have a word that we use. It is ENGAGEMENT. When I hear that word, I think of what Jesus said to the people in Matthew’s gospel. Engagement is not lip service. Engagement is actively and willing putting our “heart” into it. So when you look at what you do, whether you are stakeholder, manager, resident, or family member remember Jesus’ words and ask yourself, “Am I just offering lip service, or am I engaged?” 

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