All Day Lollipop

Sharing Compliments

Remember the big as your face all day lollipops?

Those treats had staying power didn’t they?  My little brother could lick on his lollipop for days and then pop it in the fridge when he went into sugar overload.

Similarly, a well thought out compliment can last for days and have far reaching impact. Why just the other day, someone caught me off guard by paying me a compliment in front of my peers.   In front of my peers!  Well, that was just like extra sawmill gravy spooned up on a hot, flaky biscuit.  I thought that I was about to go to heaven in that moment.   My heart jumped and my spirit soared. I felt like a mouse that had been accidently locked in the Swiss cheese factory overnight.  And what’s more, that compliment lasted for days after being delivered.  It has been weeks and still I smell its perfume.

Prayer: Father thank You for the good things of life and help me to compliment others to help build one another up.

Chaplain Larry Limbaugh
Signature Healthcare of Gainesville


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