The Simple Things

The Simple Things

 2 Kings 5:10 – “And Elisha sent a messenger to Namaan, saying, “Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored.”

In 2010 this event involved over one million individuals from the ages of 13 to 29. If you went to include those up to the age 39 you could add another 2.5 million. And if you would go to the age of 50 you could add another 6 million. So roughly speaking, that is nearly 10 million individuals from the ages of 13 to 50 all doing the same thing. Can you guess what it is? (I will tell you at the end.)   

The story above is about Namaan, a king, who has leprosy. Elisha, the prophet goes and tells him to do something very simple, “go wash in the Jordan River.” Now the Jordan was not, and is not, that great of a river. And upon hearing what Elisha told him to do, Namaan was not too keen on doing it. But eventually he does.

Here is my point, God often asks us to do pretty simple things: be kind, be compassionate, help another, pray for another, forgive someone, and on and on. None of those events are too difficult. And yet, often times we want something more noteworthy or demonstrative from God so that we look cool, or others can be impressed. Maybe instead of waiting for the “big thing” from God for us to do, we should look more at the simple things. You might be amazed at the outcome, like Namaan was. (By the way the answer to the question above: plastic surgery, and most of it was elective.)   

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