Cleaning the Heart

Scrub Cleaning the Heart

This morning, I went for a little stroll, a constitutional if you will, before I began working.

On the walk, for no reason that I could think of, I quite suddenly and out of nowhere asked the Holy Spirit to clean me.

And it surprised me that in that moment, I felt brand new, instantly.  Fresh as a dew-ladened daisy.  Delighted might describe the feeling.  Didn’t have to beg or anything.

Next, I asked for the power of Jesus for this day so that first of all I wouldn’t fall asleep on the job.  Management tends to frown on this don’t you know.  The four hour commute ends next week.  Glory in the Highest!  Secondly, I needed the power so that I wouldn’t jump ugly with people. 

His power alone can make this happen.

Someway, somehow Jesus’ power is available to those who ask for the Holy Spirit to first scrub clean the heart.

Prayer: Today may I focus on the power of the Holy Spirit and keep and attitude of gratitude.

Chaplain Larry Limbaugh

Signature Healthcare of Gainesville

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