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“Undercover Boss”

Have you ever noticed how our behavior changes when we are around the boss? Maybe we begin to act busy, awkward, timid, quiet, gregarious, or filled with flattery? Of course, this all depends on the relationship and level of rapport built over time.  The boss, however, never ceases to be the boss.

There is a T.V. show called “Undercover Boss.” The CEO disguises himself as an employee and works the menial tasks of everyday operations along-side his/her employees. This generally enlightens the executive and surprises the employees to the chagrin of the audience.

What if our CEO or boss became a patient under our care without our knowledge?

What would it reveal about our true level of care? Yet, there is another boss (the real boss) who is undercover every day. Jesus said that when we help and serve the “least of these” including the hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, or the prisoner that “we do unto Him.”

We not only honorably serve our patients who are in need but personally to Jesus Himself! He truly is the original Undercover Boss! He has called us to love each other as He has loved us.

(Ephesians 6:6) “Not with eye-service, as men pleasers, but as servants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart.”

 Chaplain Laws Rushing
Director of Spiritual Care
Nashville Community Care and Rehabilitation




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