Christmas 365

Christmas 365

I love Christmas! It just seems that heaven comes down and spreads love in every direction! Christmas is a time that even old scrooges smile! Kind words, sweet smiles, and generosity is the order of the season.

Wouldn’t you just love to capture the spirit of Christmas for 365 days a year? The spirit of Christmas brings out the best in people, even those who sometimes are referred to as the quiet type can come alive during the Christmas season. I wonder how many times the wording “Merry Christmas!” or some other form of greeting has been spoken in the last four to five days, I am sure it would be an astronomical figure if truth be known. It seems that everybody turns it up a notch or two during this wonderful time of the year.

I read an article about a family who had to pass a certain church in their neighborhood quite often. The family always noticed that the church had a nativity scene every Christmas season. About a week after Christmas the family drove by the church and noticed the nativity scene was gone, one of the kids remarked, “Well, I guess they put Jesus away until next year” I wonder how many of us do the same? May God help us live the Christmas Spirit –  365 days a year!

Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality

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