Change or Transformation


Change or Transformation – Positivity and Patience

We must let go of the life we planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.  Joseph Campbell

Often we plan to change something by starting something new; like in 2018 I’m finally going to start eating better and lose weight!!!  When I think back over my life I have made some changes because I wanted to do something different, but the transformations happened in the midst of chaos.

Some synonyms for chaos are: disorder, confusion, anarchy, pandemonium, and turmoil.  Think about the last time you went through chaotic crisis?  Maybe it’s the industry changes the revolution is facing; maybe a career challenge, personal health issue, maybe getting older or a family crisis with a spouse, child or parent.

  • Where does the chaos come from; is it the event or the unknown?
  • What happens when we hold onto what we know?
  • What happens when we let go?

Change can help people find a new meaning or close down and turn bitter.  Transformation requires an uncomfortable living in the chaos to find something new. The difference is determined by our inner confidence or spirituality.

Chaos and change is going to happen; nothing we can do about it.  Sometimes we play a part in it and sometimes we are caught in the crosshair of chaos.   During these times of turbulence practicing patience with ourselves and others and possessing the freedom to let go of the old is when transformation happens.

Oh God help me to be humbly confident that I have a purpose in life and that I am not defined by an event or a decision.  Please give me patience and wisdom to journey through life so that I may be transformed beyond my imagination for your work.

David R. Baumgartner, SPHR, SHRM-SP, SSGB, CNA
VP of Spirituality and Sacred Six
(561) 308-4043

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