Draw the Circle

Draw the Circle

I came across this statement made by Mark Batterson in his book, Draw the Circle. He writes, “If you are looking for excuses, you will always find one.” How true. How true. It seems that all of us can fit under that one. When I think of individuals in the Scriptures, the first one that comes to mind is Moses. Moses is called by God to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt to the Promised Land. Yet, when God calls Moses, Moses doesn’t eagerly or instantly jump at the chance. In fact, when you look at the account recorded in Exodus, Moses comes up with five different excuses as to why he can’t be the leader for the people. Yet, God continues to encourage Moses and has him be the leader of the people of Israel.

I dislike vehemently (I was going to say hate, but thought those words sounded nicer) the excuses that people make that are truly ridiculous. “No one cares.” “I can’t change the way I have always done it,┬áso you better just like what you get.” “I’m not appreciated enough.” “Doing that is below my pay grade.” My response typically, in a very polite manner, is to look at the individual and say, “REALLY?” Each and every day we are blessed by the One who gives us everything even though we deserve nothing. Each and every day God shares with us his love, his forgiveness, his peace and his mercy. What more can anyone of us ask for? So the next time that excuse comes into your mind, think of what God has done for you. Can you imagine God saying to anyone of us, “Sorry, that is below my pay grade?”

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