# 2 Pencils

#2 Pencils

Ever had a moment at work when you felt that if one more person asks you for something that you will explode like Krakatoa?

When one’s mind is so clouded with stress and anger that all you can see is chartreuse?

When you want to go all medieval on someone’s, well you know the area of anatomy in question?

Recently, I found myself under the gun, barking like a seal at work and I said to myself, “Son are you really that interested in filing for unemployment today?”

So I chilled back.

Here are some other ideas to keep one from the unemployment que:

1.  Slow down.  Start doing things in slower motion, even if you are trying to juggle fifteen tasks at once.

2.  Hide.  Not all day, just until the red in your vision melts away.

3.  Run tell a friend about your pressure.

4.  Respond don’t react.

5.  Nothing is that important to have to force one to sell pencils on 2nd and Main seated on the pavement next to a fur coat wearing man who claims that the CIA and KGB are watching him.

6. Breathe.

7.  Steal from stress.  It wants to own you completely.  Don’t let it.  See # 2.  It is a delicious thing to steal from stress.  It is invigorating.

8. Do pushups.

9.  Deflate the ego like the Patriots do the football: we don’t have to be super stars or saints, just small candles and human.

Good luck.  It would break my heart to hear that you are selling #2’s.

So, let me be your #3.

Chaplain Larry Limbaugh
Signature Healthcare of Gainesville


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