Sacred Six: Compassion


Psalms 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.


Every one of us seeks compassion. We all have that need to be loved and cared for. One of the best ways to describe compassion is seeing someone’s need and having a desire to help them with that need. We come upon people every day that have a variety of needs, physical, emotional and spiritual needs alike. We then get to use the abilities that God has given us, and isn’t it wonderful that He has equipped each of us in different areas.


What comes as first nature to you could be a foreign concept to someone else. God has definitely blessed each and every one of us with different talents and abilities. Compassion is one of those gifts that all of us can use, No matter who we are or what our occupation  we can all see a need and have that desire to help.


Sometimes in my life my compassion level seems to run low; as my cousin used to say “I’m running on fumes!” It is then that we need to go to God and ask him to renew that spirit of compassion in us. I have found that when I ask, He looks down on me with compassion and supplies my needs. Allowing me to go out and show His compassion to others. ​


Prayer: Dear God help me to have more compassion today by showing your love to others.

 Stephen Clark

Chaplain/Director of Spirituality

Prestonsburg HealthCare


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