2 Corinthians 1:3 – “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.”


Last Saturday morning I must have been bored with television because for some unknown reason I ended up watching the Food Network. Now I know some people enjoy the Food Network. And I must admit there are some pretty creative individuals on that channel. However, the main thing that happens to me when I watch programing on the Food Network is that I get hungry. One particular program featured the chef Paula Deane. As some of you may know she is a lady from the South. Her cooking is always awesome and she loves to cook with huge amounts of butter. But a comment that she made sort of stuck with me. As she was cooking she made mention that this particular dish was one of her “comfort foods.” Do any of you have a “comfort food?” A “comfort food” is a meal or food item that gives you a sense of peace or at least puts in your mind pleasant thoughts. I do. It may even surprise you as to what it is. My comfort food is something that my grandmother, my mom’s mother, would always make for me when I came home from college. She would invite me over to her home and cook for me sausage, not links or patties, but the big long pieces of sausage, and also fried mush with warm maple syrup. That is my comfort food. In fact, I will even get some when my wife and I eat at Bob Evans.

But to return to that comment made by Paula Deane, it got me to wondering, “Are there other things, other items that give you and me comfort?” Now I am not only thinking about a favorite meal or a particular food, but how about a certain chair that just fits you perfectly, or a good book, or being around certain individuals. And then this last one: what about God? Does he bring you comfort?

Paul, in his second letter shares with the people of Corinth that we have a God of all comfort. He is a God of compassion. His compassion grants us peace. His compassion assures us that His presence is always with us. His compassion gives you and me the comfort in knowing that we are in his arms and that He grants us the strength to handle all things tossed and thrown our way. Therefore, when you need experience a feeling of compassion, or feel comforted, instead of turning to food or a warm blanket, sit down and have conversation with God. Trust me He is the One who brings ultimate comfort to all of his children.

Chaplain Mark E. Brodbeck

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