I Corinthians 13:13  Now abide faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

With Valentine’s Day approaching I was reminded of a question that I was asked by a youth in the church that I was pastoring a few years back.  He asked, “How do you know when you love someone?”  I responded, “That’s a hard question to answer but here is how I know that I love someone.”

First, if you love someone, you enjoy hearing about them.  If someone would say that they are setting aside a day to tell about the person I love, I want a front row seat to hear all about them.  Secondly, if you love someone, you enjoy reading what they have written.  I enjoy getting mail especially from someone I love and can’t wait to open it and read every word.  Thirdly, if you love someone, you enjoy talking to them.  Proof of that is the number of minutes that I spend on the phone just conversing with my loved one.  Finally, if you love someone, you enjoy telling others about them, just ask any grandmother if she has pictures of the grandkids.

Using these four standards I ask myself and others, how do I show that I love God?  First I enjoy hearing about Him and attend those places where His story is told.  Secondly, I enjoy reading what He has written and thus read His love letter to me, the Word.  Thirdly, I enjoy talking to Him and spend time daily praying.  Finally, I enjoy telling others about Him and so I share my faith with others.

May we let our love show daily and share it with the residents and stakeholders wherever we serve.

Chaplain Gary R. Kirchoff
SHC Muncie

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