Give Thanks Unto The Lord

“It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord.”

I had my checkup yesterday – The bladder cancer is all gone with no sign of a recurrence.  Also my heart is “essentially normal.” Praise the Lord!

About thirty or so years ago, a shuttle plane crashed in the midwest. My son was in Chicago on business and was asked to return on an early flight with his boss. He said that he just did not want to do that and waited till morning. The plane he would have been
on, crashed killing everyone on it, including his boss.

Yesterday (a Wednesday) a man entered a building in Columbus, Ohio and began slashing people up with his knives. Yesterday, my son said he felt like he needed to go home for the
afternoon, something he rarely does. The building he works in is the same one that
this man entered. Fred would have been right there where all of the carnage took place, and knowing my son, he would have tried to stop the madman and who knows what might have happened?

I pray every day for the protection of God around my friends and family. These two accounts proves that God hears and answers prayers. Praise the Lord!

“Watch and pray always…”

Fredric E. Jeans, Chaplain,
Kenilworth Care & Rehabilitation Center

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