Driving to work this morning, I prayed for The Holy Spirit to give me orders.

I felt that He would ask me to pray for people or maybe write a devotion that would touch the hearts of many, or maybe even He would call me to the stage to address 100’s about a serious topic.

That is not the way it turned out.

Instead I forgot that I had promised to help our maintaince man put up the new outdoor smoker’s tent.  So I spent four hours in the frisky, Florida Sun erecting a tent.

How could this be what God had ordered for me?  I was called to greater things than skinning my knuckles trying to build a tent!

As I worked, I started to laugh at my pompous presumptiveness and then it occurred to me that Jesus worked with Joseph for seventeen years but He only preached for three.  By almost a margin of 6 to 1, Jesus spent more time working with his hands than he did teaching and healing the sick.


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