Chicken With the Chaplain

In addition to my Chaplaincy here at Signature, I also serve as a Missionary Baptist youth pastor. As you know, the Baptist faith is ribbed often by our like of chicken (and mostly it is true). The idea started as a joke, but our HR and myself actually saw it as canny.

We first met with our night-shift around 9:00 on a Thursday evening. This was by suggestion of our evening charge nurse as the best time. Tammy, our HR, brought in two buckets of KFC and we served it to the night-shift. We stayed until everyone had a chance to come by. Also, we allowed the staff to share concerns/ideas with us as well as to really meet me in person and to share any needs spiritually they might have. They really appreciated our visit and I truly felt a trust-building relationship develop.

Just last week, we met them with homemade chocolate chip cookies and milk from our chef. Again we just meet them with appreciation and allow them to voice areas of concern as well as prayer needs.

I really feel that their morale has been boosted. I know mine has. Too often I beleive they are the “forgotten” spoke in the wheel that keeps this revolution turning.

Rev. Steve McKinney, Director of Spirituality
Signature Healthcare of Rogersville

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