An Inspirational Moment

A tender and powerful experience marked my week…

Bill, a beautiful person, our resident, that is so weakened by his tri-weekly dialysis treatments was on my hospital visitation list last week.

The is following story is not unique, in that I have not witnessed such love between an aged coupe. It is just so FRESH; so re-freshing!  Its the stuff that inspires the soul; reinvigorates any care-giver! It did this one!

I praise God that I went into that hospital room that day to offer love, support, CARE, encouragement, a listening heart and/or prayer.  No question, I left more ministered to, the receiver more than the giver of encouragement and inspiration.

Bill’s bride of over 60 years, tender and broken of spirit would move quickly into action at her beloved’s every need.  When he struggled and felt pain, I saw her face.  Smile for smile, tear for tear, grimace for painful expression. They are truly: “one flesh.”  This sweet, tender, PURE LOVE and care, offered by a supremely devoted spouse was a beautiful picture of humanity; humanity at its best!

Carl J. Caffrey, Chaplain/Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Cleveland

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