Here Are The Facts

Here are the facts.


We are good people doing good things but (and this is big) we don’t have to do anything special for God to love us. There, I said it. Now, go call your attorney.

It has taken me 58 years to even begin to think about tapping on the brakes with all my nervous good deeds secretly resented and then to simply accept the wonder that is me and you. So many eager, busy-body souls are looking for a “ministry” today. And here is the odd thing. The more we are aware of doing “ministry” the less good we do.

For the best “ministry” is simply you and I being ourselves. God doesn’t need our religious works performed begrudgingly, rather he wants to give the real us to the real world. Case closed.

So I have discovered that my ministry is my Larryness: my screwy humor, my pedestrian IQ, my vulnerability, my anxiety, my laughter, my kindness, my fears, and my smile. God gives us to the world. We are the gift, just like we are, just like we have always been.

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