Wheelchair Perspective

I wanted to share a personal testimony with you from an experience a few weeks ago:

On May 10th, shortly after Bible study, I became very dizzy and felt faint. I sat down with Chris, one of our nurses, as he proceeded to inform me my blood pressure was 180/100! Immediately I went to the ER at our local hospital. “What does this mean? I’ve never had high blood pressure! I’m 42 and in a hospital!?

In just a few minutes I looked like the back of a VCR, with an IV, an EKG and nurses all around. What happened next is what really stands out in my mind. They placed me in a
wheelchair to be transferred to the X-ray room. A very small, yet strong, young man wheeled me down the hall. I was amazed at how different the hallways, the people, and familiar surroundings looked from the much lower perspective. My mother was a nurse in this hospital, and I grew up visiting her at work many times. These halls look nothing like they used to from down here! I visit there as a chaplain and as a pastor almost weekly, but that day it looked completely different. They looked taller and people appeared giant-like and sometimes even threatening! I felt like everyone was staring at me. Also, I was totally dependent on my helper to guide me and safely maneuver me around.

When I returned back to my room, the event etched into my mind this thought: Our  residents are looking at things from a different perspective. They may be familiar with their surrounding, yet it may be seen from a different angle. Even our demetia patients, sometimes vividly see the past, but the present day may be cloudy or  unreal. Life hasn’t changed-just the prespective.

My prayers are for those of us blessed with the ability to stand and walk, to praise God for  it! But also to understand that many of our dear residents are simply looking at things
from a different angle. God bless those that can’t stand, and God bless those that serve them as well.

In praises to God, all bloodwork came back well and a simple change in diet and a small pill seems to have made life better. I just wanted to share this story. It really opened my
heart and mind to a different level.

Rev. Steve McKinney,Director of Spirituality
Signature Healthcare of Rogersville

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