Montaingne Or Bust!

It sounds pretentious to say that, “I want to grow.”?

Some of us have our tickets punched to wherever it is that we believe that we are going to go when we die and we are content to hang around the terminal till the bus leaves. Not me, anymore.

I don’t like to hang around the terminal.

If we aren’t reading, talking, debating, and asking questions then what are we doing?

Recently, I read Montaigne and I am kicking myself for not having read him decades ago. Just two things that he has already said are enriching my life.

One is that we need not fear death himself having a near miss in a horse riding accident; he found the experience to be peaceful and thrilling. He added that the body will know what to do when the time comes; we needn’t fret. The other idea is that we should be present, to live in the stream of life that is happening now.

If I could, I need to retire and study, grow, make mistakes, read, and learn.

I turned 59, though everyone insists that I look 58ish and I am gearing up to grow.

How about you?

Tired of sitting in the terminal?

Are you geared up for a new idea or two?

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