Is There Anyone We Can Follow?

Is there anyone we can follow?


And He leads in all areas of life without exception. He even calibrates our relationship with individuals because He doesn’t push a “one plan covers all”. Some people walk around with some parts of their lives under his control and they are usually the unhappy and grumpy religious types who have an idea about what is going on but don’t see the full picture. What if we cast everything on the shoulders of Jesus, everything: job, interruptions, reversals, no money, workmates, children, future, what we will be doing fifteen minutes from now, health, all daily activities, as well as our strong lusts?

Some will say that is like living under a North Korean dictatorship where we continually bow and scrape before the “Beloved Leader”. I see it differently. Imagine being trapped in a mine after a collapse alone, thirsty, and hurt. On day three, a man breaks through with a lantern, medicine, and water and says, “Follow Me”. I will follow that person until we break out into the sunlight and fresh air, wouldn’t you?

So many have so many tiresome and nonsensical rules about living and few of those rules have anything to do with the living God and the living way.

I jettison all except the Living Way.

And You?


PS. In the last five days two surprising things have occurred. First of all, we have been asked by a local hospital to serve as a CPE training site for ministers and secondly, I just received a call to serve on the board of a local school that trains nurses. Neither of these privileges was sought for. They happened.

Let Jesus lead.


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