“We Do It Everyday”

Something just happened about an hour ago. I saw it with my own eyes, heard it with my ears.

A resident was parked in the busy hallway in her wheelchair and the therapist could not move her to get up and walk. She sat like a deeply rooted stump. Dynamite would not move her.

The experienced therapist and I tried flattery, warning, humor, encouragement, everything except promising her a substantial cash prize. She repeated, “My back hurts too much”. So I had the clever idea to whisper a prayer into her ear for just her to hear. Kind of a “Hail Mary” really. The prayer asked for God to help her get up and walk. It lasted three seconds. I prayed and then turned to go my office expecting nothing to happen of consequence, and as I sat down she got up and walked down the hall while the therapist standing out of sight lifted his hands in the air in wonder, shock, puzzlement, and thanks.

True story.

Chaplains are powerful.

We do it everyday.


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