“A Milky Way and A Prayer”

“A Milky Way and a Prayer”

Today was certainly a new experience for me. I was intercom paged by our nursing staff. I was asked to do an intervention for a resident that had a change in medication that seemingly brought on a change in behavior. Her nurse said they were challenged by her crying, body jerking, and a sense of restlessness.

As I travelled down the hall, I asked God to give me not only the words to comfort, but for the action. I entered the room of a lady I already knew had strength in the Lord and in her faith. Her body was shaking, her eyes swollen from her tears, and her hair a mess from twisting in her bed. She smiled and said “come in Pastor”. I sat on her bed and held her shaking hand. I asked her to tell me her concerns. She explained a change in her medication and that her Parkinson’s was worsening. I suggested we focus on happy things, like her grandchildren, her artwork, and her relationship with God. I felt her hand calming as she shared. I asked her what would bring her comfort. Her response was “prayer”.

We prayed together, first thanking God for his blessings and then specifically for comfort for her troubles. Her trembling completely stopped. I then asked if I could reposition her pillow, to support her head and shoulders. A sigh of relief came from her lips. I then proceeded to ask “if I could get you anything to make you comfortable, what would it be?” She responded “there is a bag of milky ways in my dresser, you’ll have to open it for me”. I placed an open milky way in her steady hand.

As I walked up the hall, our nurse practitioner stopped me and said “What did you do for Mrs. S? She is resting”. My comment you already know: “I gave her a milky way and a prayer”. God blesses us with the little things in life, that mean so much to those we serve.

Chaplain Steve McKinney


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