Harry Sees Clearly Now

Today, I assisted Harry with his meal at noontime.

We talked about his home state of Maryland and its politics and Harry gave a very colorful run down on several politicians many of whom are still nationally prominent. The stories were full of zing and gossip, just the kind of stories that most of us really like if we admit it. He said that one current Maryland is the best “cusser” he has ever known and Harry was a cop for several decades.

During the conversation I asked Harry what he would do differently is he had his life to live over. He said “I would be a lawyer so that I could have a good life and get into politics.”

I said, “Harry, maybe this is something you can do in your next life.”

“This life is all that there is.”

I said, “OK”.

I plan to spend more time with Harry. I like his honesty and I love his clear thinking about how we humans really are. It is a pleasure to talk with someone who still thinks about life and sees it for what it is. Someone who knows the real score yet manages to enjoy a banana and cake and between bites laughs about our human condition.

Harry knows that life isn’t fair and he is prepared to find what joy he can even if that joy may include an occasional conversation with someone who is assisting him eat his lunch because he is blind.


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