“At The Bedside” by Ronnie Case

As I sat by the bedside of one of our precious residents who will soon be taking that “Heavenly Journey”, my thoughts went back to the first time she entered our facility. V__ was petite, neat, and so sweet! I recalled the many mornings when she would roll other resident to breakfast, or just sit with others and sip on her coffee. V__ was a woman of great pride, her hair was always fixed, her clothes matched, and her room was always tidy, her smile was contagious and her soft voice was beautiful! V__had one problem!!! Alzheimers!!

In the past year I have witnessed V__ losing most of her normal motor skills, her eyes seemed filled with tears and fears, her soft voice had now turned into groanings, and her appeareance depended upon others clothing her etc..

Yes, as I sat by her bedside, no one but me and V__ I thought how blessed I was for being able to “just sit” by such a sweet precious lady! I had a lot of good moments with V__ and it hurts to see her in this condition, but it maskes me feel great to know that I have been part of a company that has made a difference!

Thanks to all the Signature family for allowing me the opportunity to serve!

Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at South Pittsburg, TN


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