“Marietta Miracles” by Chaplain Karen Bradwell

This week we have a resident who hasn’t walked in over a year. She’s walking now, mastered getting in and out of bed. No longer depressed-hopeless. She expressed her desire to quit smoking and she’s on her way to living with purpose!

On the long-term side, I stepped back and evaluated many of our residents then and now. Drastic changes! And it is wonderful! Their countenances have lit up! Smiles in the hallways! Purposes are being restored! God is moving!

Yesterday, we had a new admission, who is Chinese speaks no English, and I was led to find a translation website to introduce myself to him. Wow! wish you could have seen his face. He brightened up as if the sun was shining through him! He turned and extended His hands to shake mine as I responded to him with prayers and God’s love! I could go on! God is moving! Take up your bed and walk! God is moving! Heaven on Earth!

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