Margins And Ministry

This morning on NPR I heard the nominee for the Secretary of the Interior say, “there is no mission without a margin.”

As chaplain, sometimes I forget that without a profit I can’t prophesy and that without money I can’t minister. In short, we Signature chaplains work in a business that has invited us in to pray, love, grow, and listen.

We Signature Chaplains have so many powerful gifts to offer, but none of them will ever be given to residents and family unless we understand, agree, and actively support the business end of our company.

As chaplain, were ever I go I have a ready eye open for referrals whether I am in the hospital, opera, In and Out Burger, or out on the town with the alluring Karen because good business always jibes with good ministry.

We are a business and a ministry.

We have a ministry because we have a margin.

Good margins make good ministry!


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