I’m Just Sayin . . .

As you know, we are studying though the Bible in eight years with our residents. (Job Security!) Right now we are wandering through the desert of Deuteronomy. It’s not Hemingway.

I rarely think about the study before we do it twice a week. At the last minute, I pluck my tattered, soiled, and rebound, college RSV from the desk and then I sit down without fanfare or buildup and start reading where we left off, and everyone talks, people interrupt, one or two talk about things that are in no way related and they will not stop. Some sleep; others roll out the door and do whatever they do. Others roll in at the tail end and seem to listen.


And others and I feel something almost every time we read the Bible and that something is palpable and real. Now I hate to sound religious and I don’t like to lie about religious things. I refuse to say that God is “working” when I felt nothing. I try not to make up stuff about God.


But this study that we do is more than the sum of its parts.


Residents say that the study is good.


I think that it is the Spirit.


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