“God Is Good! Life Is Good!” by Chaplain Tim Hill

Ms. Thelma, who is over 95 years old, invited me into her room today to talk with her and to pray with her. She began to reminisce about when she was a young teenage girl working in the tobacco fields, and chasing rabbits in those fields that eventually ended up on their dining room table for supper.

As we talked about all kinds of “wild game” her and I both have eaten over the years, from Elk down to Frog Legs, we were both laughing and thanking God for great memories with our loved one’s that have gone on, and for the family, friends, and faith that we have while here today. This precious lady blessed her Chaplain today.

And by the way there is a rumor that she beat her family in Wii bowling a few days ago in our activity room! Haha.

God is good! Life is good!

Tim Hill (Director of Spirituality)
Signature HealthCare of Nashville Rehabilitation


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