Going Together Like . . .

Activities Directors and Chaplains go together like Starbucks and coffee, Barak and Michelle, and Bar-b-q and napkins.

We are a team. We do the same kind of work in that we bring joy to the soul and in turn we know that a happy soul fuels healing.

Spiritual Directors bring spirituality and joy to Activities and Activities brings fun and spontaneity to what could be a very boring, dry as a desert spirituality.

Because Spirituality and Activities know that God’s work involves Bible study and Proms, prayer along with bingo, bedside counseling plus indoor-horse racing, piety as well as play, bedside visits plus trips out to dig into a bright plate of Cajun Food, healing touch and dancing with local firemen on Valentine’s Day.

Actually, Activities and Spirituality do the same job which is the increase in joy in our residents. A joy that many residents may not have ever have know until they come to live with us where they find a Chaplain and Activities Director on the same team, wearing the same jersey, running plays out of the same play book, working in tandem for the wholeness of the resident, cheering them on toward joy.


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