“Circles” by Chaplain Larry Limbaugh

My life is a circle.

Sometimes I laugh, but then I am sad, but then I laugh again.

Sometimes I am too religious, and then I am not, and then I am again.

Once and a while I am harsh, mostly not for a long while, and then unsympathetic redux.

Once and a while I feel found, then lost, then found again.

God is close, then absent, and then my BFF again. And so it goes.

I am Larry. You are Alice, Tom, Malik, or Shanese and this is the story of our lives whether we live in Sarasota or Swaziland, and I think that we should graciously flow with the movement of the circle and not take ourselves too seriously at any of its segments.

Our lives are like a circle and I am glad that I know it.


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