National Day of Prayer 2013 – A True Story

A National Day of Prayer True Story.

I have to tell this story. If I don’t, I will pop open and Snickers Bars and Slim Jims will fly everywhere.

So, at today’s Bible study a resident rolls in and says, “Today I want you to pray for me to stop smoking. I am quitting today. I want this addiction out of my life.” I have known her for four years and she has smoked everyday of those years and to my knowledge has never asked for help to stop smoking.

A minute, another resident whose word is trustworthy eases in and said that her private prayer request was for someone in the smoking break group would quit.

Her request had been placed into the “Outrageous Request Center” box five days ago. The pink prayer slips were anointed with Paul Newman’s extra virgin olive oil. Hands were placed on them and then a fire was lit and they slips were reduced to ashes.

I can’t wait to see what else is coming.


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