Chaplains Are Like Sun Tea . . .

There is a difference.

I have heard the stories about other facilities. No, I don’t gossip (that often), I just listen “very carefully” to what floats around in the air. And what I hear is that Signature facilies have an aura about them. One traveling, medical professional gave a competitor facility a “F” because of the “backstabbing” going on and she gave us an “A” because she feels peace and calm when she steps through our door.

I feel that the good will and love have increased here during my stay though not necessarily because of it. But I do feel that the Chaplaincy has brought peace, hope and even prosperity to Signature. We are like Sun Tea, it takes a while for the sun to heat the water so that the tea can flood the glass jar, but we have brought goodness and hope to nursing over time. That is just the way I see it after four years of listening to the word on the street.

Chaplains, on our best days, create a loving and forgiving atmosphere which can’t help but blanket the facility in time.

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