“Seeing the Soul” by Larry Limbaugh

They say that you can’t see the soul; they are wrong.

Here is how you can see it with your own eyes.

Take a pen filled with ink, grab paper and find a time when you feel as low as a parasite wedged into the lowest level of garbage dump and start writing. Write and write and then write some more, Scribble for your eyes only. Write about your feelings, your day, your relationships, your flops; stick it all on the page and then when you feel your shoulders begin to cramp and your hand freeze up, expect a spritz of calmness to wash over you. The spritz is a signal to answer this question “What am I like?”

I did it and now here is a sketch of my soul in underlined in bold: I am kind, calm, thoughtful (I love to think) longing to be less a star and more a candle, and funny.

Can we exchange sketches? I would love to see what your soul looks like. Who knows, we might share a family likeness.

Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain
Winter Park Care &
Rehabilitation Center


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