“There I Said It” by Chaplain Larry Limbaugh

Chaplains, sometimes are you like me in that I can be so right about something and yet be so wrong.  Most of what we stand for so strongly and hard-headedly is really nothing more than our opinion given a slap dash of a coat of religion and pride.

Have we heard of agreeing with our adversaries?  Jesus said to do it.  When someone criticizes me now I know that there is some truth in it.  There is some inkling of truth in any grievance that someone may have against me.  Do we then venture to make great and noble stands on things that really will not matter a month from now?

I like what St. Thomas a Kempis said “He (or she) to whom the Eternal Word has spoken has ceased from a multitude of opinions.”

I am willing to say that 99% of what we refuse to compromise on is opinion anyway.

Show me a chaplain who is humble and willing to admit that he is wrong a lot and I will show you one who enjoys higher chances of meaningful employability.

There, I said it.

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