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“At The Bedside” by Ronnie Case

As I sat by the bedside of one of our precious residents who will soon be taking that “Heavenly Journey”, my thoughts went back to the first time she entered our facility. V__ was petite, neat, and so sweet! I recalled the many mornings when she would roll other resident to breakfast, or just sit with others and sip on her coffee. V__ was a woman of great pride, her hair was always fixed, her clothes matched, and her room was always tidy, her smile was contagious and her soft voice was beautiful! V__had one problem!!! Alzheimers!!

In the past year I have witnessed V__ losing most of her normal motor skills, her eyes seemed filled with tears and fears, her soft voice had now turned into groanings, and her appeareance depended upon others clothing her etc..

Yes, as I sat by her bedside, no one but me and V__ I thought how blessed I was for being able to “just sit” by such a sweet precious lady! I had a lot of good moments with V__ and it hurts to see her in this condition, but it maskes me feel great to know that I have been part of a company that has made a difference!

Thanks to all the Signature family for allowing me the opportunity to serve!

Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at South Pittsburg, TN


“A Resident’s Wish”

A few days ago I asked one of our resudents what is the one thing that I could do for him, or did he have a specific wish. His answer was,

“I would like to ride around to some of the places where I use to go, and see some of the scenery that I havn’t seen in a long time. I would also like to go to “Beas” , (a 60 year year old restaurant in Chattanooga) and eat.”

This past Thursday he and I spent almost five hours together, and 150 miles doing what he wished to do.I let him tell me where wanted to go, and what he wanted to do, was such a blessing to see his eyes light up like a kid at Christmas as he would point out some particular place, or tell me something about the days of past.

I took my camera and took a lot of pictures of everything he wanted to take pictures of,.. pictures of cows, barns, old signs, pastures, etc. When we finally arrived at “Beas”, I told the manager of the restaurant who I was and a little about my elder friend,..he got his name and in a little while came over and gave him a big welcome,.he was so delighted! We had a wonderful day, and experiences that I will never forget! What I gave him cost very little monetary wise,…but the one thing that I gave him , and the one that mattered the most was my time!

Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at South Pittsburg, TN


“The Gift of Presence” by Chaplain Ronnie Case

We had a former resident and her daughter come to our facility recently to visit another family member who is presently one of our residents. As we talked about her stay, and her experience at our facility she said, “Brother Ronnie ,there were some days when I was so depressed and discouraged about my conditions that I didn’t know what to do,..but when I saw you coming down the hall way, I immediately felt like everything would be okay!, you will never know what your singing, praying, and the time you spent with me meant to me during my stay at the Bridge.” Needless to say, I was very humbled by her kind remarks! Her thoughts just reminded me of the importance of the number one priority of the chapalins role in each facility,..back to the bedside!

It is my prayer that we all listen to that “still small voice” that cries out within us, – somebody needs us today!

BTW: As stated above, we now have one of her other family members,..God doesn’t forget, and rewards kindness.


The Humor of the Power Chair!

The old saying, “laughter is good for the soul”, was recently proven in the form of a power chair.

A few days ago after concluding my morning devotion at one of our locations, I knelt down in prayer to ask for God’s blessings and power to be manifested in a very special way toward our residents and staff. On this particular morning while praying I felt a “moving” from those of us holding hands, I am thinking, “Lord you have sent your power”!!!

I was not aware, but when I knelt down to pray I accidently laid my arm across one of our residents motorized chair and touched the “forward” device! The chair was trying to move, the staff squirming around, the resident trying to shut it off, and here I am praying for God to manifest His power!

Needless to say, everybody was relieved when I said, “A-men”!

Rev. Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at So.Pittsburg, Tn


Thoughts On Interventions

Some thoughts on interventions from Pastor Ronnie Case, Chaplain at Rivermont:

“I have been reading with great interest the testimonies with regard to the chaplain interventions. I have one I want to share.

One of our long time residents who has been notoriously known to complain about something almost constantly was placed on my “Chosen 5″ list for chaplain study about a year ago. I determined to visit, pray, and sometimes read to Mr. S___ on a daily basis.

This morning as I was making my morning rounds for prayer and devotions Donna, (ADM) and Denise (DON) mentioned how that Mr S
had changed so much! Their words were he was “so different!” I invited them to go in and pray with me this morning, and it was so obvious that Mr. S__ was a changed man! The visit was nice, warm, and peaceful, he rarely complains, and is filled a lot of fun and laughter.

I must admit that at the beginning my faith was a little “tested” with this resident, however now as I look back I can see where a little time, prayer, faith, and attention can change anyone, even the most troubled resident. Today I look forward to visiting Mr.S__ he is so fun to be around, always telling me something funny or informative.”

Rev. Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at So.Pittsburg, Tn

A Corporate Prayer

Corporate Prayer

Scripture “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty” (1st Timothy 2:1-2)

“Dear God,We are told to offer prayers and intercessions for those who are in authority, because it is through their decisions that many lives are affected.

We realize that due to the many changes in our health system some hard
decisions have to be made, and this includes the elimination of some positions.

Even though these cuts and changes are necessary, it is still painful to those
who must make these decisions, – to them, I offer this prayer of strength. I
also offer a prayer to those whose jobs are being eliminated that they may find a place of employment, and continue to prosper in their personal lives.

Dear Lord, I believe that SignatureHealthCare is providing the love,
care, compassion, and services that so many of our elders deserve, these are
the “fathers and mothers” that you told us to honor, these include some who are incapable of caring for themselves, and have no other means of support. It is my prayer that you look down upon this great company with favor and grace, may your Holy Spirit lead those in the corporate office as they make timely decisions.

Dear Lord, I also pray for every facility and their respective administrator, I pray that you will fill our empty beds with those who need us, and those whom we need as well. We pray your blessings on this company in every phase of its operation, may your Spirit guide and your Presence provide. We thank you for what you have done, and what you will do in the future.

In the Precious Name of our Lord we pray, A-men”

-Ronnie Case-