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“Off the Runway” by Chaplain Tim Hill

Just a quick update from our Wedgewood (Nashville) home. As we approach lifting this massive project “off the runway” God is doing some amazing things. One of our residents (Wanda) invited me to her church last night to meet her pastor and family. I gladly accepted, and later on in the evening found myself at Nolensville Road Baptist Church for the first time. I met Wanda’s pastor, her daughter and son in law, as well as many other folks.

I was amazed as Wanda’s family introduced me to their pastor, and began to share with him the amazing things that have happened to them since becoming a part of our Signature HealthCare family. They shared a miracle story of how she initially became an elder here, and also how much she is improving since finding a home here. I wish the cameras had been rolling for a Nashville commerical; they said it all!

Just a small “snap-shot” of some of the amazing things God is doing here right now! God bless and thanks for ALL of the prayers.

Tim Hill (Director of Spirituality)
Signature HealthCare of Nashville Rehabilitation and Wellness Center