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Angie and Rayne“Elderverse”. This is the one word that I can’t seem to shake from my head after a week of intense feelings, emotions and experiences with others from around the globe.

What does the word “Elderverse” really mean? When I first heard the word, I thought it was a cute play on the word universe and how we should shift our focus towards the Elders and Elderhood.

But that’s not quite it.

Yesterday afternoon it hit me fully what this word means. It really comes down to connectedness and companionship. What do I mean by this? Creating theElderverse” is all about connecting the Elders and empowering them through companionship with each other. Wow! Big stuff to think about it, isn’t it?

We had sbaobab treeuch a blessed opportunity to connect the Elders of Signature HealthCare with the Elders at Ekuphumleni in South Africa. It wasn’t about providing “charity” but instead it has truly been about Elders helping other Elders and giving them the most precious gift of JOY. Something we take for granted in our lives all too often. The Elders were able to gift $3,000 to bring joy to Ekuphumleni. However it’s not even about that.

So what is it about? Again, connectedness and companionship come to the forefront. The simple act of reaching out to connect across the globe reinforces companionship, doesn’t it? The simple act of receiving such a priceless gift demonstrates relationship, right? That’s the Elderverse” in action and we didn’t even realize it had presented itself to us in this way!

You see, the Elderverse” is not created by acts of kindness but instead by the love that binds us. I heard the wise voice of an Elder last week say, “Where love is found, that’s where we will be.” Isn’t that a beautiful thought? This very wise woman had experienced the magic of connectedness and the love of companionship in her life!

So thank you to the Elders of Ekuphumleni and Signature HealthCare for showing us how to create a new world in which connectedness knows no borders and companionship knows no walls! It’s truly the beginning of the Elderverse” and we all have a part to play to sustain it.