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Washington Team HCWashington Care and Rehabilitation Center in Chipley, Florida is moving forward in person directed care with a “Get Real” mentality. The home, which was added to the Eden Alternative Registry in 2012 has been working steadfastly to bring about many positive changes for the Elders who live there.

Their success shines with a psychotropic drug use reduction in their home of over 50% in this time frame and their participation in the Pioneer Network’s National Learning Collaborative. Through their participation with the National Learning Collaborative they were provided with education and support to make critical leaps such as drug reductions among Elders, the implementation of nursing assistant huddles, reduction in falls, removal of alarms in the home and adding nursing assistants to their weekly care plan meetings.

Last week the team at the home took one huge leap to further deepen their commitment to the Elders living in their home by embarking on a journey to transform to the Holistic Caregiver “model”  care throughout their home.

The Holistic Caregiver model was chosen because of it’s closeness to the Elders. In this model housekeeping staff, quality of life staff, and nursing staff are all “cross trained” so they can easily do all things the Elder may have need of. Yes, it’s a big change from the traditional institutionalized model of care.

The Washington team introduced the new model to their Stakeholders last week in a Learning Congress format. The Learning Congress provided them education on not only the Holistic Caregiver model, but also encompassed empathy training, deeper culture change training and some team building challenges for all involved.

roads wcrcWhy do this? Why shake up the world we live in to this extent? Eden Alternative Principle Eight teaches us that in order to truly move forward with person directed care, we must begin to empower not only the Elder but those that work most closely to the Elder. The move towards the Holistic Caregiver model will align us perfectly to make this a reality. The Elders who live with us deserve the best care they can receive. The Stakeholders who work for us deserve the best opportunity to give that care. With those two important things in mind, it is easy to see how this piece of the puzzle fits perfectly into place.

It is easy to become “satisfied” with where we are. Collectively, we have achieved great milestones in transforming culture. Deep reflection brings enlightenment into the depths of what we are truly transcending to be and in this reflection we oftentimes see the murky truth of where currently exist. This reflection shines a light on all we could become if we only opened our minds to deep systems change.

The Washington team is determined to challenge the status quo once again. Their determination is to create the path that others can follow. Their motto is “Roads? We don’t need roads. Where are going, there are no roads.” I believe their enthusiasm will become contagious as they continue to transform lives.