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Cheers GroupAs we set out to explore the city better known as the Cradle of Liberty, we couldn’t help but bask in the beautiful day that was set before us. Comfortable temperatures and a blue sky made the perfect setting for another day of exploration.

After a short morning walk, we knew we would enjoy this day of sightseeing together. Everyone was chattering as we climbed aboard the open air trolley car and took a seat to be entertained. As we started rolling through the city of Boston, we saw such sites as the Bunker Hill Monument, The U.S.S. Constitution, Boston Common, and made our way through the shopping district with fun narration from our guide “Gordie” the entire way.

Swan BoatIt was Gordie who told us we couldn’t visit the city without taking a ride on the Swan Boats in Boston Gardens and we agreed that we would love to give it a try.  The Gardens area was tranquil as we made our way walking through it in search of the small boats that sat out on the water. Some took the ride on the Swan Boat and some preferred to rest under the shade of the beautiful weeping willow trees planted around the water’s edge but all of us had a beautiful morning together.

After our boat ride, it was time to visit the original Cheers on Beacon Hill. We all giggled with joy as we were escorted to the famous “Back Room” for our lunch! Elders laughed about all of the “action” the Back Room saw on the show and of course we didn’t want to let down the reputation of the area so we had to have some fun of our own! Gary was thrilled to visit another place on his ultimate bucket list and couldn’t wait to order a beer in an original Cheers mug! He told me during lunch that he had always watched the show on TV and could hardly believe that he was eating there.

Ezelle last dayAfter lunch our driver, Gordie took us on an “unofficial” tour of Boston and showed us famous spots such as the Statehouse where the Declaration of Independence was signed and read for the first time, a quick tour of MIT, and the famous finish line for the Boston Marathon.

Even after all of this fun, our day was not complete without a tour of the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum. Everyone enjoyed taking a participatory role in the reenactment that showed how all of the tea came to be dumped in Boston Harbor and then a wonderful historical account of that fateful evening that prompted our Independence. Our Elders especiallly loved being part of the skit and enjoyed learning more about our past.

Corbit last dayAfter a busy day of sight-seeing our group was tired and decided to finish our time in Boston by having dinner together at Barney Fannings.  We all had tears come to our eyes as we reminisced about our time in the city and knew we would soon part ways.

Thinking back on the beauty of this trip, I realize it was only fitting that we would be visiting the city known as the Cradle of Liberty. It truly is a city in which independence runs free. While we were there, we could see independence rising in the Elders as they gained their self confidence back. It was joyous to watch them realize they could in fact do things they may have doubted they could accomplish only a week earlier. The lessons we learned about independence and true liberty will reign in our thoughts as we view our Elders with new eyes. Eyes that see their independence, know their resilience, and admire their perserverance. The city known as the Cradle of Liberty has forever impacted our lives and for that we are grateful.