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V__A776“Will I get to sign autographs?”, Mary Thomas, exclaimed to those around her when she learned she was the first winner of Signature HealthCARE’s “Taste of Hometown” competition!  Mary Thomas is an Elder who currently lives at Clinton County Care and Rehab in Albany, Ky. Her recipe for “Holly Jolly Fudge” was chosen over 55 other recipes submitted for the event’s kickoff.

Mary shared with everyone how making this fudge reminded her of Christmases long ago. It sparked memories of Mary and her sister, V__B1EFIzetta, growing up and making this candy together.

Today Mary Thomas became famous in her own right. We have learned over time that honoring identity is one of the best ways to promote growth and spark culture change in our communities. There is no better way to honor identity than to share the special memories that encompass our Elder’s lives including their favorite recipes!

In fact, becoming well known is a key tenet of The Eden Alternative. It is Putnam1through the process of helping our Elder’s to become well known in their communities that we encourage relationships to form and be strengthened. Today that is exactly what happened for Mary. Thousands of people in 56 communities were able to not only taste Mary’s Holly Jolly Fudge but were also able to take her written recipe and special memories home with them.

So I’m finishing this story by sharing Mary’s special recipe with each of you.

Mary Thomas recipe